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Laying the ePlanks for a Web 2.0 school

At Hawkesdale p12 College, a small group of staff who love using web2.0 will research the processes for laying the e-planks in the virtual classroom floors. Our school is a small rural p12 school, educating 5 - 18 year old students.
To enable this project to commence and continue, a wiki, ning and blog will all e-document its progress.

We are entering the conceptual age where the following are paramount:-
  • connectivity
  • creativity
  • communicate

Everyone's experience with Web 2.0 is personalised. Each journey has a different starting point a different path, and a different destination.
  • Web 2.0 is about CREATING content and DEVELOPING networks and communities - not just absorbing or using
  • project is not totally dominated by the technology - talk about the pedagogyand how teaching can change from using Web 2.0 applications as well - each of the planks needs to have some sort of education focus rather than a technology focus
  • We're laying the planks for the SKILLS as well as the IDEAS and REASONS to use them

Two things to aim to improve - deeper thinking and creativity.

The original eplank builders are:-

Anne Mirtschin

Blogs - eJourney with Generation Y backyard ejourney with technoKids
Twitter - murcha

Jess McCulloch

Blogs - technoLOTE technoChinese Wandering The Web Friday Vox Pop
Twitter - jessmcculloch
Ning Networks - Classroom 2.0 Talkabout Primary MFL