Plank 1 - Understanding the notion, capabilities and potential of a Web 2.0 World
Plank 2 - CyberSafety
Plank 3 - Digital Media and Copyright/plagurism
Plank 4 - Creating Your Own Online Space / Creating Online Student Spaces - Blogs/Wikis/nings
Plank 5 - Adding Your Voice / Adding Student Voices- Podcasting and Digital Storytelling
Plank 6 - Joining Networks and Making Connections ((including digital citizenship/netiquette). Asynchronous/synchronous means of connecting
Plank 7 - No Walls on this Classroom - mLearning (this plank would mix a lot of the other planks together rather than introducing too many new things), global projects, videoconferencing.
Plank 8 - Keeping the Learning Going - Web 2.0 PD for Busy Teachers, Bringing in parents and the wider community
Transformation of communities commences.

  • Each plank could have a 'working with others at your school' section / session so that every plank emphasises working together to have an overall school approach
  • Each plank would have
    • explanations and examples to answer 'Why would I use this and how will it improve my teaching?'
    • PD sessions - short ones @ school
    • activities and support
    • Working with others
    • all to include elements of deeper thinking and creativity
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