As of April 24th

Students -
  • from Grades 4-8, 9/10 Info and 9/10 LOTE have personal blogs
  • Many students also have and use deliciousaccounts
  • Some students know how to access podcasts made by teachers
  • Most students have commented on blogs of students all over the world to start and maintain international connections
  • collaborative projects have begun in LOTE and Grade 6
  • Students in Gr 6 are specifying exactly what they want on their blogs, showing a deep understanding of the blogging world and how they can represent themselves.
  • Year 9/10s have started to connect with students in Connecticut (USA) and New Brunswick (CAN) via their blogs and via Skype video conferencing.
  • Grades 4-7 1001 Flat Tales
  • World Math's Day
Staff -
  • approximately 50% of our staff have blogs that they use with their classes.
As of Nov 27th
  • all students from grades 4-10, and some year 11 students have personal blogs
  • a Hawkesdale College blog to contain all links to blogs, including parents club, social welfare etc
  • individual subject blogs commenced
  • class blogs from year prep through to year 9 (see links on Hawkesdale P12 College blog)
  • a maths and a science wiki have been set up
  • WIWOW (Walk in Walk Out Wednesdays) continue to be our most popular way of exposing staff to web2.0 tools
  • 10 min spots at staff meetins
  • Help with Talk It Tuesdays with Knowledge Bank