Read Anne's post on keeping students cybersafe!

Considerations for protecting identities

Students choose an e-name or nickname to protect their true identity eg trogger instead of Thomas and use this for their online work
User names and email addresses should be as for school computer usage where protection tends to be most secure.
Some ideas for an image ID
  • use MS Paint to create personal image, crop it, save it as a jpg file and keep this for the computer ID image. Some choose to use the school photo and paint over it so much that they were unrecognisable.
  • goto and create a weemee image (note this may be blocked at some schools as is has a chat room element)
  • goto to create a video computer image that will talk and can be embedded in blogs, wikis etc.
  • also see the link to avatars on this wiki
Great online video sites for teenagers
intro to what it takes to thrive in the 21st century teenag internet safety
More bookmarked sites at plans to download and student activity sheets at
For children
**Great list of cybersafety sites** in 'nobody knows your a dog' from the blogwalker
A blog post that talks about safety in the home, and re the role of parents in all this.
Cyber bullying avoidance
How one school in England tackled it :
Further resources
Victorian Education Channel
The ABC Radio National Edpod
Internet Content Rating Association
Childnet International
Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre
Get Safe Online
For parents